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Spring Into Spring Challenge!

 Join us in this 6 week program, doing a targeted spring cleaning task for just 20 minutes a day.

Break it down by doing what works for you - do 10 minutes twice or 5 minutes 4 times!

Just do it and enjoy the summer with your kids this year in peace and clear spaces.

You will receive a daily target outlining what area to spend 20 minutes in as well as access and instructions on how to use this support group to your full benefit.

This course is a free module originally available from April 1 to June 31 included with our Spring Cleaning Tips for Mom ebook  and checklist worksheet to keep you on track at a glance and a customizable work sheet that you can use to continue the program 6 weeks and beyond.
I've decided to open the entire package all year long.
Because even though it was created with spring cleaning in mind, many of us can use it through out the year and reap huge rewards at any time. So now you can get the whole package any time. Even if it's snowing outside. What better time is there to declutter anyway? Be ready for spring this year!
Simple and effective, you will be working on taking your house to the next level over the coming weeks, no matter were you are starting from.
In a nutshell, you will receive
  • a daily email outlining exactly what to do for 20 minutes to effectively make your home cleaner, neater and more inviting over the next 6 weeks. All it takes is a commitment to 20 minutes per day, the rest is easy.
  • access to the iShine Spring Into Spring Cleaning Challenge Group where you will find support and accountability, the key factors to success in any goal.
  • Spring Cleaning Tips for Mom, a downloadable ebook with a complete outline and tips to get your house clean this spring AND how to maintain it when you are finished. Very hands on and practical, I will be using it for many springs to come!

This program is an awesome free bonus to our Spring Cleaning Tips for Mom ebook. You can find out exactly what is in the ebook here - Spring Cleaning Tips for Mom ebook.

Remember - as long as you are heading in the right direction - you'll get there. And we are here to help you take the next step!

Spring Into Spring With Us! 

Purchase your copy of Spring Cleaning Tips For Mom a huge value at only $14.99 and let's get to it!