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Sweetie Saturday Report - 40 Cool Things You Can Do With Wordpress

Half The Fun of Wordpress
...is the ease of use in adding content and changing the style.
There is sooooo much that you can do so easily, wordpress is a prime candidate for the principle of kaizen - small improvements made over time.
Use the suggestions in this guide to tweak out your blog a little at a time. There are plenty of ideas, resources and instruction to do almost anything that you may have already been wanting to, and some things that may be completely new. 

40 Cool Things You Can Do with Wordpress: Ideas for More Traffic, Earning Potential, Efficiency & More

This month's guide is filled with ideas on what you can do with this VERY HOT website platform.

Moving way beyond simple blogs, you'll find ideas for 40 types of sites you can build, plug ins you can use for added functionality and more.

Put together by InternetMarketingSweetie.com's resident techy, Lynette Chandler, we've included a written report plus full audio recording that shows you how to use this powerful web-building platform for more profits in your business.

Read it and find out...

  • Easily create multi-author websites and keep your website secure. Imagine - someone else writing your content for you!

  • How you can set up your own hosting platform, allowing others to create their own personal blogs on your website.

  • Create your own social networks using Wordpress.

  • How to efficiently manage your membership site.

  • Getting the quirks out of Wordpress, so you can paste in YouTube code, copy-and-paste link text and more.

  • How to create image and video galleries.

  • How Wordpress can help you manage your invoices and all your projects.

...and a bunch more.

There are 40 ideas that you can take away from this guide right now. Of course, we don't recommend you do them all at once - but you'll have plenty to work on when you're done. :-)

At only 12 straight-to-the point pages (or listen to the audio if you prefer), you can zip through the guide, pick what you want to work on and get started.

There is absolutely no sense in reading all day, when you can be doing cool things with WordPress instead.

And don't worry, there's no techno mumbo-jumbo in this guide, just straightforward ideas that you can use right away.

Purchase your Sweetie Saturday Report - 12.99


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