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Sweetie Saturday Report - Create & Profit From Special Reports

A Staple in Your Online Business Toolkit
    How long do you think a business will last if customers are feeling unappreciated and let down with your customer care?
    Have you experienced this yourself? I have.
Even when the product was amazing, I've cancelled memberships, taken down affiliate links and moved on when I have felt customer care has been low on the priority list.

The sad part is that it happens often. Even on high ticket items when a simple returned email would have been all it took.

It simply amazes me that a person would work so hard to put a good product together and then drop the ball when sometimes all that it would require is an easy fix such as some help with customer service.

And it's even worse if you don't even get a chance to impress those clients and customers in the first place. 

Don't miss a thing when it comes to this vital aspect of your business. Make it easy and actionable with 36 Easy Ways to Attract & Keep More of Your Clients. 

Special Reports from A to Z: How to Create & Profit from This Simple Marketing Tool

This guide shows you how to put together and profits from special reports. You don't need to invest time or money into creating hundred+ page ebooks, you can profit from short, sweet and to-the-point special reports.

Build your list, sell your product and more with these inexpensive and simple marketing tool.

Put together by the Special Report Club's, Melissa Ingold, we've included a written report plus full audio recording that show to how to create and then make money from your reports.

Read it And Find Out...


  • More on what a special report is and 5 surefire ideas to use them in your online business.

  • 3 important benefits of using special reports in your marketing.

  • Think cheap and not too much work!

  • What tools you need to create your special reports...it's simpler than you might think.

  • Researching topics for your reports, including 4 important online (and free) tools to help you.

  • Getting organized to write a report your readers will love.

  • Putting it together and editing tips to avoid common mistakes.

  • 9 effective ways for marketing your report.

    ...and a bunch more.

    At only 12 straight-to-the point pages (or listen to the audio if you prefer), you can zip through the guide, pick what you want to work on and get started.

    There is absolutely no sense in reading all day, when you can be getting your first special report together right away.

    Purchase your Sweetie Saturday Report - 12.99


    INCLUDES BONUS MP3 AUDIO - load it to your ipod or MP3 player for mobile learning.





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