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Sweetie Saturday Report - Broadcast Your Own Profitable Podcast

Everything You Need To Know
If you've ever wanted to produce a podcast on your site but didn't know where to start, this guide will show you.
By the time I was finished listening to the audio I was completely pumped to revamp and revitalize my own podcast that had fallen by the wayside due to a few technical bumps and even to start a few more on my network that have been 'on the list' of things to do.
Even if you don't want to do a regular podcast, but would just like to add some audio to your site to personalize it and WOW your visitors, you can use this guide to find out how to set it up and what equipment you can use - it doesn't cost a fortune since you can use free software.
These days pretty much everyone is doing audio, if you aren't, you really should think about getting caught up and giving your visitors something to remember you by (don't forget, they can carry you around on their ipod if you have audio, and can even subscribe if you do a podcast through itunes.)
Don't miss a thing when it comes to this vital aspect of your business. Make it easy and actionable with this Quick Guide to Broadcasting Your Own Profitable Podcast. 

Quick Guide to Broadcasting Your Own Profitable Podcast

This month's guide is written by guest author, podcaster and podcasting teacher, Kelly McCausey.

In this guide, she'll show you to create and publish your own podcast for profit.

Here's what's inside:

  • Three important reasons why you'll be podcasting sooner or later - and the main benefit is to dramatically expand your reach to new prospects.

  • Finding your highly-targeted audience that will return week after week, just to hear what you and your guests have to say.

  • Choosing your podcast length and frequency of publication.

  • Finding guests for your show and how to deal with incoming requests (After you're podcast is established, you're likely to have more requests than you'll know what to do with).

  • Recording a great interview, including tips for working with all kinds of guests - from quiet to nervous to just won't shut up...Kelly shows you how to manage it all.

  • Technical details of setting up your podcast (But don't worry - they're not TOO technical).

  • Editing your audio, saving it and publishing your work.

  • All the useful components of your podcasting website, so you can get publicity, find guests and ensure your visitors are able to listen in.

  • Profit and promotion: Find out how get the word out about your podcast and make money from it.

  • A handy checklist, covering all the steps in the guide, so you don't miss a thing.

The best thing is your podcast doesn't need to cost a fortune to set up. That means, you can start work on your podcast right away...no matter your budget.

At only 21 straight-to-the point pages (or listen to the audio if you prefer), you can read through and even start making your first podcast today.

There is absolutely no sense in reading all day, when you can be podcasting instead.

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